When you are tired of the mainstream and common tour package suitable for first timers, it is time that you start the search for something that really defines Bali at its finest : The hidden/secret/rare spots of Bali. The extraordinary beauty that these places offer will far exceed expectation and will make you realize why Bali will always be the place that worth countless visit every year.

1. Enjoy the ancient yet picturesque waterfall

sekumpul waterfall

Image Courtesy of Martijn Barendse

Once you set foot at Lemukih (Sekumpul) Waterfall, don’t be mistaken to think that you have returned back in time. As one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Bali, the sceneries include a lush green forest with a majestic height from the water drop. Be prepared to get lost in time and in love here.

2. The happy place of Teletubbies Hill

Located at the far East end of Nusa Penida island, you will find hills that will remind you of the happy colorful fellows namely The Teletubbies.


Nusa Penida “Teletubbiest Hill” Photo By  Gusde Photography

Second One is Located at Kubutambahan village, Buleleng – this hill has become one of the most visited places for travellers looking for a place to relax.

Bukit Teletubbiest Kubutambahan

3. Bizarre Beauty of Bukit Atuh


Photo By Moh. Anshari

Still at Nusa Penida island, there is another hill called Bukit Atuh that boats excellent view of small islands in formation. What make these islands unique is the fact that they are shaped like giant spears. It will also remind you of the beautiful Phi Phi Island of Thailand.

4. The giant tree and its hole.


Right at Jembrana, there is a giant Bunut tree or Bunut Bolong. This spectacular tree is also split open in the middle, making a big gap that works as a hole for passing through. Sized 5 metre in its width, you and your friends can walk freely underneath the tree while be astonished at this magnificent tree.

5. Natural Bridge


Image Courtesy of Shirly Hamra

When at Nusa Peninda, don’t forget to visit this stone bridge that is made from giant rocks. At Pantai Pasih Uwug, this bridge is 50 metre long and will make for a sweet spot to catch the glimmering and unforgettable sunset.

6. Angel’s Billabong


Prepare your swimsuits if you plan to swim in this beauty. At Nusa Penida, Angel’s Billabong is the river bank that leads to the sea with its clear crystal blue water. It is indeed, a total angelic experience to be.

7. The Most Wonderful Sea Dip


Image Courtesy of  oraclefox.com

At Kubu Beach, you will find a cove that is filled with seawater and small fish as your company. Use if for dipping and fret not for the fish will be friendly to anyone!

8. The Dramatic Devil’s Tears


Image Courtesy of Aussie Assault

Kudos to anyone who coin this place as the Devil’s Tears, which is aptly named for its dramatic dash of massive crashing waves. Located at Nusa Lembongan, witness the height of up to 15 metre that will surely leave you astonished at its beauty.

9. Explore Bali’s landscapes

Image Courtesy of Tom Roeleveld

Bukit Campuhan at Ubud can be the perfect choice for its unique landscape contour. Many choose this place for work out location because of its demanding terrain. Even it is placed in the center of Ubud, some are still not aware of its existence.

10. The beautiful limestone cliffs


Photo via IG @diarysaputra

Although it shares an almost similar characteristic to Pandawa Beach, Melasti Beach is considered the less visited one. With all limestone cliffs up to 100-150 metres you will experience an unforgettable sensation when looking down and absorb this beauty

11. Climb higher


Image Courtesy of Aussie Assault

Gunung Batur is usually filled with visitors and it has plenty of vantage points to offer. However, you can still enjoy this mountain in a totally new view, just climb higher up and you will know what we’re talking about.

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