Holiday is the time for the ultimate fun, but of course, budget always comes in as a major factor. In Bali there are plenty things to do and everyone must have different preference when it comes to enjoying their time. All the money that you save must be put to good satisfying use, which is why our list of 15 budget fun ideas to try when in Bali can be your best guide when it comes to finding cheap fun that can last you a while :

1. Surfing lesson


Playing by the beach is definitely a must when you are in Bali, but why not go all out and try some surfing lesson that is just 25 USD per person? At Kuta there is no shortage of surfing shops that will teach you for 2 hours straight on how to ride the waves of Bali ocean.

2. Snorkelling


Image Courtesy of a sun

Bali is home to an incredible marine life, make sure you experience this. Head on to Amed or Pemuteran for a low cost water activity for less than 5 USD/ day. Be prepare to get your snorkelling mask on!

3. Treetop park access


Suitable for all ages, you will surely enjoy this treetop adventure in the Botanical Garden of Bedugul. They boast 7 adventure circuits for around 25 USD per person. With 2.5 hours for you to explore, the whole family will be put up to 72 challenges in this fun-filled park.

4. Waterbom Park


Enjoy a whole day of fun for just USD 29 per entrance for the adult. With more than 100 ways of exciting activities, waterbom park will set your adrenaline pump to the highest level with their rides and slides.

5. Trampoline Time


Jump and bounce with your kids at Bali Trampoline Center at the Canggu Club. With just USD 7, your kids ( and you too) will love this spacious giant trampoline made for all time fun.

6. Bali Zoo


Meet the animals from Indonesia and other regions for just USD 19 per entrance. It will be a great day to remember as you visit, pet and feed the lovely animals in Bali Zoo.

7. Yoga class


Image Courtesy of Fabrice Florin

Bali is a paradise for yogis everywhere. With prices as low as USD 10 per daily drop, there will be a lengthy variety of yoga classes suitable for the beginners up to the experts of yoga.

8. Cooking class


With this activity, you will get a half- day fun of sourcing local and fresh ingredients at the traditional market first. Later on, you’ll be invited and taught a cooking session ala Bali. Watch fruit carving presentations and other fun activities for less than USD 25 per person.

9. Picnic by the beach


With its many beautiful beaches, you won’t be short of options for a picnic by the beach. Provide your own drinks from the local mart or get some cheap street food to chill by the ocean. This will be the best low-cost relaxation that you simply must try!

10. Explore Bali on Bikes


Either it’s a motorbike or a bicycle, both presents the chance to explore Bali in leisurely pace for less than USD 3. Enjoy Ubud rice fields or any quiet village of Bali that you will surely appreciate. See the rows of local houses, temples, workshops, coffee plantations and mountain sides at their best.

11. Kecak Dance

kecak dance at uluwatu
Image Courtesy of Graeme Churchard

Kecak Dance is a spectacular art and cultural performance that is available on most temples in Bali. The prices varies but a regular show won’t require more than USD 10 per viewing. You’ll be sure to enjoy the impressive dance and dramatic storyline that will entrance you for around 1 hour long!

12. Silver/ Batik/ Coffee workshop


Image Courtesy of LWYang

Bali offers a variety of workshops imaginable and all has a long list of promising fun for at least half a day. With around USD 35, choose from going to a silver, batik, coffee or other homemade beauty product workshops with its variety of entertainment. From witnessing the technique of crafting silver, to enjoying an organic facial treatment, it will be the best money spent indeed.

13. Sip a cocktail


Get a taste of refreshing cocktail in one hand and your toes in the sand, try out some of Bali’s hottest beach clubs that are all over Seminyak area. A drink won’t set you back a lot, just around USD 10-15 you will earn yourself a spot to the sweet music by the DJ and ocean view paradise.

14. Taste the famous Balinese traditional dish


Image Courtesy of Danny Foster 

Try out their famous Babi Guling or mixed rice for as low as USD 2-4, and you’ll know why this suckling pig dish is so sought after by every visitors. The mixed rice from different stalls will offer their best version of a hot meal too, so be sure to try as many as possible.

15. Kite flying

bali giant kites

Image Courtesy of Sue

Balinese surely have a thing for kites. Their impressive kites take form in grand and majestic creatures with huge sizes too. Learn how to make your own kite and experience the thrill of flying it by joining a kite workshop!

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