Balangan beach is one of the beaches in the coastline of Uluwatu Regency in Bali. This beach is located in Pecatu district. The Balangan beach has a white sand that surrounded by the limestone cliffs and it is easy to reach to this place since it is in line with the Dreamland beach. In fact, if the water is receding, you can walk on foot by the coastline of the Balangan beach to the Dreamland beach.


Image Courtesy of alex hanoko

The access to the Balangan beach is quite extreme with winding streets and sharp turn, but when you reach this place, you know it was all worthy. Beside relaxing, there are other activities that you can do on the Balangan beach, such as doing pre-wedding photo shoot and also surfing.

The Balangan is also known as the secret beach, because the location of this beach is hidden is the south of Bali island. You can reach this beach about 30 minutes to 45 minutes drive from Kuta. The Balangan beach is located in the middle of two limestone cliffs with the length about 1 km to the north.

What makes this beach unique, is that you can the domination of a series neat and unique arrangement of palm trees. The tourists who come to this place can also see the activity at the Ngurah Rai International Airport and in the east you can see a high cliff that forms a curve from the activity of the waves.


Image Courtesy of Tom Booth

The sand on this beach is rougher than the other beaches in Bali but the facilities in this place are adequate, such as cafe and home stay near the Balangan beach. You can enjoy the wave while eating instant noodle and cold beer, which is the favorite menu of the foreign tourists who come to this place. Since not many tourists know about this beach yet, so the beach is not crowded with people like any other beach in Bali. If you are interested, you can go and check the beauty by yourself. Have a nice holiday.

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