The Aling-Aling waterfall has height approximately 35 meters above the ground and has its own uniqueness where from the top of the waterfall, it is divided into 2 side-by-side waterfalls. The waterfall on the right has a bigger discharge than the right one. The Aling-Aling waterfall is falling from a steep cliff surrounded by lush trees.

The water discharge made a basin pond with the depth of 4 meters below that usually used by the tourists to swim or just play water and enjoy the fresh water from Aling-Aling waterfall. Not far away from the Aling-Aling waterfall, you can see several smaller waterfalls which are Pucuk waterfall, Twin waterfall, Cemara waterfall, Canging waterfall, Dedari waterfall, and Kroya waterfall. Because some of these waterfalls are smaller and not too high, most tourists usually do free jump from the top of the waterfall.

aling aling waterfall

The location of the Aling-Aling waterfall is in Sambangan village, Sukasada district, Bulelang regency, Bali. The Aling-Aling waterfall is located 11 km south west  from Singaraja, which can be traveled about 10 to 15 minutes by riding a car or motorcycle. If you come from Denpasar, you will need to travel for about 80-100 km.

From Denpasar, you need to take a road toward Singaraja and before you enter Singaraja, you will see the fork of the road, you must take the right direction to the Sukasada station. Follow that road until you see the second fork of the road in front of Sambangan village where you will see a sign of Aling-Aling Waterfall. Take the left direction about 2 km and you will arrive at the tourist attraction of Aling-Aling waterfall.

aling aling waterfallAfter you arrived in this place, park your vehicle and continue your journey on foot through the rice fields and up and down hundreds of steps for about 400 m to reach the location of the waterfall. Now, you can enjoy the view, the relaxing atmosphere, and also the freshness of the water in thei Aling-Aling waterfall.


Image Courtesy of Andrey B



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  1. I have been to this waterfall last week and it was amazing! I would like to visit some other waterfalls. l found another article with some secret waterfalls

  2. Joyce Gabriel says:

    We visited this waterfall during our Bali honeymoon. It’s simply a magic and stunning place near Ubud. We booked it via and must say our guide organized everything great! Don’t be lazy and visit Tenegungan during your stay in Bali.

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